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17 Oct 2017
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 The session was intentionally closed by the server before the session was completed.
  MailWasher Pro was written to comply with POP3 standards and if for some reason the server you are dialling into has an error, or is not fully compliant (it's more common than you think), then MailWasher Pro does nothing and the server disconnec
 Plaintext password not supported.
  A "plain text" password is the most common type of password. Some email providers like MSN require further identification. If you have a POP3 MSN account select Tools > Accounts to display the Accounts window. Click Properties
 My AOL account will not connect.
 Prior to your first mail check in MailWasher Pro you must log out of any AOL proprietary software (AOL, AOL Communicator and AOL Instant Messenger). After MailWasher Pro successfully checks your mail upon first opening the program, all subsequent mail che
 My Hotmail account will not connect.
 Microsoft unfortunately now require an annual subscription fee to allow access to Hotmail accounts through programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and MailWasher. To upgrade your Hotmail account visit
 Why is every email marked 'Origin Blacklisted by ORDB' in the Status column?
  Problem...Origin of Spam External DNS Blacklist Server 'ORDB' is marking every mail as "Origin Blacklisted by ORDB"Why...ORDB w
 I get a ' list out of bounds ' error. How do I fix this?
  If you get a 'list out of bounds' error then please do a clean uninstall and install of MailWasher Pro.Note: all your email account, registration and settings will have to be re entered into MailWasher Pro.SummaryUn-install
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