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17 Oct 2017
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 What is FirstAlert! ?
 FirstAlert! is a database of spam messages that can be used by individuals to eliminate future circulation. FirstAlert! makes use of the very large community of MailWasher Pro users to easily and actively report spam messages to a central database, so t
 How does FirstAlert! work?
 MailWasher Pro users report spam messages to FirstAlert! administrators, who verify that messages are spam and add them to the database. Spam messages are then transformed into a unique digital fingerprint. Users who interact with the database, do so in r
 What email accounts can be used with FirstAlert! ?
 FirstAlert! works with any account in MailWasher Pro. Any POP3, IMAP, AOL, and Hotmail/MSN accounts can be used.
 Can I use FirstAlert! behind a firewall?
 Yes, you can. You need to make sure you set your firewall to allow MailWasher Pro full access to the internet. MailWasher Pro interacts with FirstAlert! through Port 4050.
 Can I use FirstAlert! with a proxy server?
 Yes, you can. To enter your proxy server settings in MailWasher Pro: From the MailWasher Pro main screen, click Spam Tools to display the Spam Tools window. Click FirstAlert! and click the Proxy Configuration
 What messages does MailWasher Pro check against FirstAlert! ?
 MailWasher Pro checks any messages that are not marked as legitimate either by your Friends List or by your filters. For this reason, we strongly suggest you make sure your Friends List is up to date. This ensures maximum accuracy so no accidental reporti
 Does MailWasher Pro automatically delete messages marked by FirstAlert! ?
 No. By default, this option is disabled. To set up your FirstAlert! account in MailWasher Pro: From the MailWasher Pro main screen, click Spam Tools to display the Spam Tools window. Click FirstAlert! I
 What sort of message should I not report?
 If you have previously had voluntary communication with the sender, then this is not spam and should not be reported. Other types of messages that should not be submitted are automatically generated messages such as: Automated Notifications Undeli
 What happens to messages I report?
 After you have set up FirstAlert!™ a new Report column displays in the message table. Select the Report check box beside a message and click Process Mail to send that message to FirstAlert!™ administrators. The administrators analyze the reported emai
 What happens to messages that get rejected?
 Rejected messages are deleted. The number of messages submitted by you that are rejected is recorded against your account and we will contact you if the number of rejected emails reported by you becomes excessive.
 Can I share my FirstAlert! account?
 No. Sharing your FirstAlert! account number and password violates the terms and conditions of FirstAlert!
 What is the cost of FirstAlert?
  The first year of FirstAlert! is included in the initial price of MailWasher Pro, subsequent years are $29.95 to renew, though this is not compulsory to continue to use MailWasher Pro
 How do I subscribe?
 If you purchased MailWasher® Pro before the 24th of March 2004, click here to subscribe to FirstAlert!™ If you purchased MailWasher® Pro after the 24th of M
 Can I cancel my FirstAlert! subscription?
 Yes, you can. To cancel your subscription send an email to
 What do I do if I have lost my FirstAlert! account number and password?
 Send an email to FirstAlert! Support and we will email your account details.
 I'm getting a "You must provide a valid account number to use this database error.
 Be careful not to add any extra spaces when entering your account number and password into the FirstAlert! section of the Spam Tools window.
 I'm getting Spam Database Offline errors
 If you are behind a firewall be sure port 4050 is available. If you have a proxy server, check that you have entered your proxy server settings into the FirstAlert! section of the Spam Tools window.
 I'm getting The username or password for the spam database is incorrect error.
 Check that you have entered your FirstAlert! username and password correctly, also making sure you have not added any extra spaces in these fields. If you have checked this, please contact
 Why can't I report emails hidden by filters?
 We require that you take care in reporting emails to FirstAlert!™ so we can reduce accidental submissions. Therefore, we want you to see every email before you report it. When you have filters set to hide the email from the list in MailWasher® Pro, you ca
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