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17 Oct 2017
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 How can I change the new mail notification sound?
 Change this sound via the sounds icon in the Control Panel of Windows. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click the Sounds icon. The sound you want to change is MailWasher Pro > New Mail. Alternatively
 How am I notified visually if there is new mail?
 An icon displays in the system tray to notify you of new email if you have selected Tools > Options > Blink icon when new mail arrives. New mail notification is not shown if MailWasher┬« believes the new messages to all be junk mail
 How do I update my version of MailWasher Pro?
 To update your current version of MailWasher Pro to the latest version, just click the download button here:
 Does spam increase over the holiday periods?
 Yes! Over Christmas 01/02 spam was said to increase 650%.
 Does MailWasher Pro contain any spyware?
 No. MailWasher Pro does not contain any spyware or adware.
 I have installed MailWasher Pro, but can't find it. Where is it?
 From the Windows Start menu select Programs > MailWasher >MailWasher Pro. MailWasher Pro starts and minimizes to the system tray at the bottom right of the screen.
 Why should I update my version of MailWasher Pro?
 We are constantly tweaking, fixing and improving MailWasher Pro in response to feedback from our users. These tweaks and fixes are incorporated into version updates which are released, on average, every few months. A version update will generally fix
 How do I find out about MailWasher Pro updates?
 If you register, you automatically receive notification of updates. Otherwise, notification of the latest version is available on the MailWasher Pro page of the Firetrust website.
 How do I find out which version I am using?
 To find out which version of MailWasher Pro you are currently using, click Help > About. The build number will be listed at the top of the information box.
 Can I create a link to MailWasher Pro? Do you have an image I can use?
 Yes you can create a link to MailWasher Pro. Probably the easiest way to do this is to join the Affiliate program, which supplies you with banners you can use. One advantage of joining the Affiliate program is that if anyone buys a copy of M
 I have other questions not answered here. What should I do?
 Send your question to info
 I have a suggestion for a feature for MailWasher Pro. What should I do?
 Tell us your suggestion here: MailWasher® Pro Suggestion.
 The Process Mail button in MailWasher stays greyed out and inactive. What can I do?
 Open the MailWasher data directory: In MailWasher Pro click Help > About > click the blue link to where MailWasher Pro stores the data files. Now make sure MailWasher is closed. First delete the training.dat file, then open
 I installed Mailwasher Pro 5 on Vista and now have problems. What should I do?
 If you installed Mailwasher Pro 5 on your Vista computer then you may have to perform a clean uninstall of MailWasher Pro from Vista before installing Mailwasher Pro 6 which is Vista ready. Do not perform the below unless advised by Support or you are
 Vista blocks MailWasher Pro every time I start my PC and gives me the message 'Windows has blocked some startup programs'. What should I do?
 Vista's 'Blocked Startup Programs' is part of Vista's security features and is common with many other programs but there is a 'work around' fix that lets Vista's task scheduler start MailWasher Pro and thus saves you having to manually click 'Run Bl
 I get a ' list out of bounds ' error. How do I fix this?
  If you get a 'list out of bounds' error then please do a clean uninstall and install of MailWasher Pro.Note: all your email account, registration and settings will have to be re entered into MailWasher Pro.SummaryUn-install
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