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17 Oct 2017
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 What is Benign?
 Benign is a system for processing and filtering email as it is downloaded. The aim of the processing and filtering operations is to remove a number of potential risks to your privacy and security, including (but not limited to) web bugs, scripting viruses
 How does Benign work?
 In the absence of a system such as Benign, email programs download new messages by contacting the remote server on which their email is currently stored and using a standard Internet protocol, POP3, to perform the download. Benign is a program that is r
 Why should I use Benign and how does it compare to conventional anti-virus products?
 Benign interprets and rewrites every aspect of emails. It protects not only against known security problems but also against a large number of attacks yet to be discovered. Whereas most conventional anti-virus products can only deal with the selection of
 How do I start using Benign?
 Download and install the software. During installation of Benign you will be asked what level of security is required - Low, Medium or High. We recommend Low for the first time users. That is all you have to do. Benign runs in the background and does all
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