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17 Oct 2017
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 Can I import my existing mail accounts in to Benign?
 Yes, you can. To do this, select Tools > Import mail accounts from the Benign menu to begin the Mail Account Import Wizard.Note: You may receive a message requesting to close down any mail programs if they are open
 What is my POP setting?
 POP is your incoming mail setting. To find out more you need to consult the documentation your Internet/email provider supplied you with when you signed up.
 How many accounts may I have?
 You can have as many accounts as you want.
 Can I use CompuServe or Juno with Benign?
 Unfortunately not, as CompuServe and Juno use their own software for message retrieval. Benign cannot alter your server settings.
 Can I use Yahoo with Benign?
 Yes. To set up a POP account with Yahoo go to Although be aware that Yahoo in certain locations
 Can I use Benign with Exchange Server?
 Yes, provided Exchange Server is configured to support POP3.
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