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17 Oct 2017
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 What does Summary tell me?
 The summary gives the statistics on what Benign has done on your computer, for example, the summary gives an information breakdown for Messages, HTML and Web Bugs, how many attachments have been renamed, or how many non-standard HTML tags have been r
 What does the Message log tell me?
 The message log gives information about received messages, for example the date processed, from whom, subject, date and changes.
 How do I clear the Message log?
 From the Benign menu, select Tools > Summary then select the Message log tab. Click Clear logs... and then OK.
 How do I turn off the Message log?
 From the Benign menu, select Tools > Options then the General tab. Deselect the Keep message logs for xx days checkbox and click OK.
 How do I change the amount of days that Benign keeps the Message Logs?
 From the Benign menu, select Tools > Options then the General tab. Enter the required number of days in the Keep message logs for xx days field. Click Apply, then
 Why does Benign rename attachments?
 Benign renames attachments for safety reasons. Only the attachment is quarantined.
 How do I change Benign to not start-up when I start my computer?
 By default Benign will start up when you turn on your computer. We recommend you do not change this setting, but if you want to, then click Options. The General tab displays. Uncheck the "Launch Benign on startup"
 I received an email and was expecting an .exe attachment but was none. What should I do?
 Check your Message log for the reason that Benign may have blocked the attachment. To do this, select Tools > Summary from the Benign menu. Highlight the message and check the security profile applied. If it is
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