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17 Oct 2017
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 Do I need to remove or disable my current anti-virus program?
 No, your anti-virus program is your first level of defense, so leave the program enabled and running.
 What is a web bug?
 Basically a web bug is a graphic on a web page or in an email message that is designed to monitor who is reading the web page or email message. Benign protects you from web bugs within your email. It does not protect you from web bugs when you view web pa
 My port scanner reports Port 110 open. Is this safe?
 Benign expects incoming connections on Port 110, so any firewall software that you are running must be configured to allow incoming connections on that port from the local machine. Connections originating from the intranet/untrusted zone to Port 110 can b
 Why does Benign need access to the Windows HOSTS file?
 Benign needs to alter the Windows HOSTS file so that the system is able to resolve the "mail" into a specific IP address for "localhost" so Benign can determine which account to scan the mail from. Without an appropriate entry in th
 Does Benign work on accounts with SSL?
 Benign can't work with SSL since SSL is designed to prevent "man in the middle" attacks, which is what Benign does. Benign has been designed to do a few things in relation to this. When importing an account that is set to use SSL, Benign warns you
 Will Benign alter my email programs settings?
 The only alteration you will get is .b9 is added to the end of your incoming mail POP3 server name within your mail program. Benign automatically adds this suffix .b9 on installation. No action is required on your part.
 Why would I want to create email and domain overrides?
 Suppose you are on a friend's joke email list and you were on a slow dial up connection. You know the story, you wait and wait for his emails to download and meanwhile the phone line is tied up. You do not want to hurt your friend's feelings and ask to be
 How do I change my Benign security profile?
 In Benign, click Tools > Options > Accounts > then click on the Server name and click Modify, pick Security Profile Low, Medium or High and click OK > Apply.
 How do I add zip file protection?
 Compression application created files are not included in the Benign default "Security Profiles", ie. Zip files can contain executable programs that can harbor viruses. I do suggest adding .zip files to Benign. Firetrust will release an
 Vista blocks Benign Pro every time I start my PC and gives me the message 'Windows has blocked some startup programs'. What should I do?
  Vista's 'Blocked Startup Programs' is part of Vista's security features and is common with many other programs but there is a 'work around' fix that lets Vista's task scheduler start Benign and thus saves you having to manually click 'Run Blocked Progra
 Is Benign Vista ready?
 Benign is not Windows Vista Operating System ready but will work if you manually unlock the hosts file and run Benign with "Run as Administrator" enabled.We plan to develop a version of Benign that will run on Vista without any manual inte
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