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17 Oct 2017
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 Which operating systems does MailWasher Pro run on?
 MailWasher Pro runs on the following Windows operating systems: 95 98 Me NT 2000 XP XP Pro Mac OS X 10.3 or greater, and Linux.
 What are the minimum requirements to run MailWasher Pro?
 4 Mb of RAM, 12Mb of disk space, and an Internet connection are required to run MailWasher Pro.
 Which email programs does MailWasher Pro work with?
 MailWasher Pro works independently of email programs, so you can use any email program you want to.
 Which mail protocols does MailWasher Pro support?
 MailWasher Pro supports all POP3, Hotmail, MSN, AOL/Netscape, and IMAP accounts. MailWasher Pro also supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) authentication.
 How can I download MailWasher Pro?
 Complete the following steps to download MailWasher Pro: Go to, and then click Download Free Trial.
 How do I install MailWasher Pro?
 After you have downloaded MailWasher Pro, locate the downloaded file and double click to begin installation. The MailWasher Pro installation wizard guides you through the installation process. After MailWasher Pro is installed you can add or import the
 Do I need to remove the old MailWasher before installing MailWasher Pro?
 No you do not need to uninstall first, although as your PC treats MailWasher Pro versions as a separate program, uninstalling the "old" MailWasher is considered good house-keeping, once you have installed and set up MailWasher Pro.
 I have reformatted my PC or bought a new PC. How do I get my registered MailWasher Pro back?
 You will need to download the latest version of MailWasher Pro from here. Although this is a Trial version of the software, it will convert to being fully re
 How do I transfer my MailWasher Pro files from one PC to another?
 In MailWasher Pro click Help > About > then click on the link below "Enable extended ...". Doing so will open an explorer window in the MailWasher data files directory. Close MailWasher Pro. Copy the following files : "blacklist.txt",
 I purchased MailWasher Pro through a reseller. Where can I download updates?
 If you purchased your copy of MailWasher Pro through one of our resellers, then you can download your updates from here.
 Which email client does MailWasher Pro start up?
 MailWasher Pro starts your default email client. If you want to specify a different program to open, then from the MailWasher Pro menu select Tools > Options and next to Launch email application after processing, click Specify.
 Why do I get an error when trying to start my email client? Or, how do I specify a default email client?
 You may not have specified a default email client. To do this right click on the Internet Explorer short-cut on your desktop, select Properties to open the Internet Properties window, then select the Programs tab. Select your d
 How do I switch off automatic checking in my email program?
 The following are instructions for the more common email programs: Windows Live Mail Click the Menus button, (beside the help question mark button) and click Options Uncheck
 I'm having problems with MailWasher Pro connecting to the Internet. What can I do?
 Try the following solutions: If on dial up: MailWasher Pro > Tools > Options > Connections > select "Dial up to the Internet" and tick "Perform default mail check on start up" under the Options > Genera
 Can I import my existing accounts into MailWasher Pro?
 Yes you can. Select Tools > Accounts from the MailWasher Pro menu and click Import to import your accounts. Note: Hotmail, MSN Hotmail and AOL accounts cannot be imported and must be added manually. See the MailWasher Pro help for
 What are my POP (or IMAP) and SMTP settings?
 POP or IMAP is your incoming mail setting and SMTP is your outgoing mail setting. You need to consult your documentation from your email provider for these settings, or see the MailWasher Pro help for more information. Note: Hotmail, MSN Hotmail and AO
 What SMTP settings should I use when I have accounts from different providers or multiple accounts?
 You should use the SMTP setting of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are connected to the internet with for all your accounts.
 Why does MailWasher Pro not import the password from my account?
 Your email password is encrypted and has to be re-entered by you.
 How many accounts may I have?
 You can have as many accounts as you require.
 How do I stop automatically checking an account?
  From the MailWasher Pro menu select Tools > Accounts. Highlight the appropriate account and click Properties. Deselect the Include this account in default mail check checkbox.
 Can I use CompuServe with MailWasher Pro?
 Yes, you can. If your account is a CompuServe Classic account, then access through POP3 is required. To activate your POP3 Mailbox on your Classic account, GO POPMAIL online. CompuServe 2000 accounts must be added to MailWasher Pro as IMAP accounts usin
 Can I use Yahoo with MailWasher Pro?
 Yes you can, although users need to sign up for POP3 access, which requires an annual fee. Other Yahoo domains (, still provide free POP3 access. Go to
 Can I use Gmail with MailWasher Pro?
 Yes you can: Click Tools > Accounts > Add > select POP3 > click OK. Enter a name reference for your account and click Next. Enter in the POP3 server addr
 What is APOP?
 APOP is a POP3 setting that encrypts your username and password when checking your mail. Not all Internet providers support this, but it will probably be widely used eventually.
 Can I use AOL with MailWasher Pro
 Yes you can, AOL have changed their servers so you may check using IMAP rather than the AOL proprietry service: In MailWasher Pro: Click Tools > Accounts > Add > select IMAP > click OK.
 How do I shutdown old MailWasher Pro to install new upgraded MailWasher Pro?
 Ensure you shutdown old MailWasher Pro before installing new MailWasher Pro.To shutdown MailWasher Pro from running on your computer in MailWasher Pro click File > ExitOr if MailWasher Pro is mi
 I get a ' list out of bounds ' error. How do I fix this?
  If you get a 'list out of bounds' error then please do a clean uninstall and install of MailWasher Pro.Note: all your email account, registration and settings will have to be re entered into MailWasher Pro.SummaryUn-install
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