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17 Oct 2017
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 What are the minimum requirments to run SiteHound?
 Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, or Firefox 1.5 or later 16 MB of RAM 20MB of disk space and an Internet connection are required to run SiteHound.
 Which browsers does SiteHound support?
 SiteHound currently supports Internet Explorer versions 5.5 through 7, as well as Firefox 1.5 through to 2.0
 Can I use SiteHound with other Toolbars?
 Yes, there should be no conflicts using SiteHound with other popular programs such as the Google Toolbar or MSN Toolbar. Though if the other Toolbar has a popup blocker this may need to be disabled, or set popups to be allowed from
 My SiteHound user ID is coming up as invalid
 Ensure you have not entered any trailing spaces at the beginning or end of your ID. If you are still having problems entering your SiteHound user ID, please contact support
 The full SiteHound toolbar is not displaying in Internet Explorer
 This is due to having the Internet Explorer toolbar "locked" when installing SiteHound. Click here to open a short flash tutorial on how to unlock
 I have forgotten my password for SiteHound
 If you have forgotten or lost your password for the Password Protect feature, you will need to uninstall and reinstall SiteHound and reset a new password. You will also need to re-enter your SiteHound user ID (all users) and Registration key (paid user
 I have lost my SiteHound user ID and/or my Registration code
 Please contact support with your request and advise of the email address you registered with initially.
 The Site Information window does not appear
 This will likely be due to a pop-up stopper program you are running. You will need to adjust your pop-up program to recognize as an allowed site. To do this in Internet Explorer : Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Pop-up Blocke
 Where do I get updates for SiteHound?
 If you have paid and are a registered user of SiteHound, you will receive emails when new updates to SiteHound are available. If you are using the free version of SiteHound, you will need to check our site
 How do I know if SiteHound is updating automatically?
 SiteHound produces an update window when updating. As well as this SiteHound advises you in the SiteHound Status Field, if it needs to be updated
 How do I upgrade to the paid version?
 Either click Buy Now from the SiteHound toolbar, or click this link
 How do I uninstall the SiteHound toolbar?
 Follow the steps below to uninstall SiteHound: Ensure your browser is closed. Go to Start > All Programs > Firetrust > SiteHound > select the Uninstall utility The uninstall wizard will remove SiteHound from your PC.
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