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17 Oct 2017
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 What does the Status column mean?
 The Status column shows the analysis of an email by MailWasher Pro as Probably Spam, Probable Virus, Virus, or Probably Legitimate. This is also where a custom filter status is shown.
 How can I change the order of the columns?
  Select Tools > Options from the MailWasher Pro menu and select the Display tab. Highlight the required column heading in the Columns area and use the Adjust column order up and down arrows to position the c
 How do I sort incoming mail?
 Click on any column header to sort incoming mail by that category.
 What is a hidden email and how can I view it?
 You can hide email based on the Status of the message. To hide or display messages from senders in your Friends List, click Spam Tools, then select the Friends List icon on the left. In the Action area you can select to display or
 What are learning filters?
 MailWasher Pro supports Bayesian Statistical analysis to intelligently detect the probability that a given message is spam, based on comparison with the content of the spam and good email you've received in the past. MailWasher Pro's "learning filters"
 How does Quick Reply work?
 This feature launches a "New Email" window using your default mail program, allowing you to create quick replies to messages in the MailWasher screen. There are some known issues/limitations with this feature, which are described below: Only a
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