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17 Oct 2017
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 How do I use the Learning column?
 How does MailWasher Pro delete messages?
 MailWasher Pro deletes email messages directly off your Internet Service Provider's server before they are downloaded.
 Can I get deleted messages back?
 Yes. To restore deleted messages: Select Tools > Statistics to display the Statistics window. Select the Mail log tab, highlight the email you want to restore, and then click Restore, or right cli
 Why does MailWasher Pro only preview in .txt format and not HTML?
 HTML can carry viruses and other scripts which can run when viewed. Although HTML is easier to read and better to look at, it is potentially harmful to view HTML email if you are unsure of the sender.
 How do I move email messages from MailWasher Pro to my email program?
 You don't need to. Messages displayed in MailWasher Pro are still available on your server for download in to your email program. When you have finished in MailWasher Pro, go to your regular email program and click Send/Receive ("Check Mail" in Eud
 What keyboard commands can I use with MailWasher Pro?
 How does MailWasher Pro bounce messages?
 MailWasher Pro uses an algorithm to determine the best route to send the bounced message back (from, reply to, return path). MailWasher Pro can bounce a message one of two ways: Local option - The bounce is sent back via your ISP's pos
 I can't bounce messages!
 Make sure your SMTP settings are correct. You may also not be able to bounce messages if you are bouncing messages for an account that is not the same as your dial up provider. To get around this problem, make the SMTP settings for all your accounts are t
 Do the spammers know I am bouncing email?
 No, spammers do not know you are bouncing messages. Bounced messages look just like a returned mail message you would receive if you sent an email to an incorrect address.
 Why are my friends getting their emails bounced back to them?
 Check that your friends are not listed in your blacklist. Select Tools > Spam Tools and select the My Blacklist tab. Locate your friend's name and delete it from the list.
 Why can't I bounce messages from my AOL account?
 The AOL proprietary system does not allow bouncing from AOL accounts.
 I am getting my bounced emails back to me
 If you are using AVG7, go to the AVG Control Center, double click the Email Scanner Plugin, click the Configure button and deselect the option Check Outgoing Mail.
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