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17 Oct 2017
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 How does the Friend's List work?
 The Friends List is a list of all email addresses from which you always want to receive messages, regardless of content. Messages from your friends are not labeled as spam, even if the content resembles spam.
 How do I enter an address into the Friend's List?
 There are several ways to enter a friend's address to your Friends List: Tools > Spam Tools > My Friends List > Add and you can either enter a whole address or use a wildcard to enter anyone, say for example, all
 Can I transfer my Address Book into the Friend's List?
 You can import your contacts from your Windows Address Book into MailWasher Pro. To do this from MailWasher Pro, click Tools > Spam Tools > My Friends List > Import. Either select the "Import All" button to transfer all these c
 Can I import my Outlook Contacts into the Friend's List?
 Unfortunately not, as Outlook does not store the contacts in the Windows Address Book. As a work around you can export your Outlook Contacts list to a CSV file, import this into your Windows Address Book, which MailWasher Pro can then read. To do
 How does the Shared Blacklist and Friend's List work?
 This is useful in a network environment, where a blacklist/friends list can be stored in a shared directory. You cannot write to this shared file (add addresses to this through MailWasher Pro) as there are both user and technical complications if users tr
 What are the Friends List options 'Display the email' and 'Hide the email' for?
 Click Options in the Friends List, or click Spam Tools then My Friends list and use the Display the email or Hide the email radio buttons to specify if you want MailWasher Pro to display email messages received from addr
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