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17 Oct 2017
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 How does the Blacklist work?
 The Blacklist tab gives you an easy way to banish spammers from your inbox, as it is an effective tool against email from mailing lists that you may have unwittingly signed up for (or been submitted to), from companies who take no notice of your unsubscri
 How do I enter an address into the Blacklist?
 There are several ways to enter an address to the Blacklist: Tools > Spam Tools > My Blacklist > Add and you can either enter a whole address or use a wildcard to enter anyone, say for example, all email from the
 Can I import an existing Blacklist?
 Yes, if the existing Blacklist is a plain text file of email addresses. Copy and paste your Blacklist entries to the Blacklist file (Blacklist.txt), located in the application data directory which can be located by selecting About in the Hel
 Why don't big imported spam lists work with MailWasher Pro?
 Operating systems Windows 95, 98 and Me have a limit of 32,000 characters for a list and stop MailWasher Pro working properly if the list is too big.
 How do the Auto Delete and Auto Bounce options work?
 As soon as your mail is checked on the server and identified as being from a sender in your personal Blacklist, it is bounced directly from the server back to the sender and deleted so you never actually see it. Messages marked by the DNS spam Databas
 What are the numbers beside the email address in the text file?
 They are the date the address last matched an email (for expiry purposes). If the number is missing then the current date is assumed.
 What is a DNS spam Blacklist Server?
 A DNS spam Blacklist Server is a database of known Internet addresses (or IP's) used by persons or companies who are either sending spam, or who are known in some way to support spammers, for example having open mail relays or hosting websites and distrib
 What benefit is there in using DNS spam Blacklist Servers?
 When checking your mail in MailWasher Pro, any new email is checked against these lists to determine if the email comes from a known source of spam. This is listed in the Status column in the preview pane. These emails are automatically marked for Bounce
 Which lists are provided and are there more?
 SpamHaus and SpamCop are built in to MailWasher Pro, but you can add more if you want. The listed ones in MailWasher Pro are:
 I made alterations to my blacklist.txt file, but when I go to MailWasher Pro, the changes are not there.
 Any changes you make to the Blacklist.txt file are not saved if MailWasher Pro is open. Make sure that even before you open the file in a text editor that MailWasher Pro is not running.
 Why can I import the Junk Senders file from Outlook into MailWasher Pro, but I can't with Outlook Express?
 Outlook has its Junk Senders List as a plain text file and can be easily added to MailWasher Pro's Blacklist file. Outlook Express has it's Junk Sender's List in the registry which cannot be exported as a text file.
 Why do I get this error in Vista - 'Could not save blacklist file (including friend's list)'
 If you get this error in Vista - 'Could not save blacklist file (including friend's list): cannot create file "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\MailwasherPro\Blacklist.txt." Access isdenied (EFCreateError). 'thenRi
 Why is every email marked 'Origin Blacklisted by ORDB' in the Status column?
  Problem...Origin of Spam External DNS Blacklist Server 'ORDB' is marking every mail as "Origin Blacklisted by ORDB"Why...ORDB w
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