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17 Oct 2017
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 How does a filter work?
 Filters identify any email that meet certain criteria, for example, you may want to identify all email that have the words Dear Friend in the body of the email, or all email that have a Microsoft Word attachment.
 Can you show me an example of a filter?
 To identify all email with "Dear Friend" in the body of the email: Tools > Spam Tools > my Filters > Add Enter a name, priority and action for the filter. In the Rul
 Do you have any filters I can download?
 Yes! With special thanks to Gary Partain, here's a link to a big list of filters. Just download it and add it into your filters list!
 What does RegExpr mean?
 RegExpr means regular expression. Regular expressions are tools that look like comic-book expletives (#!?#@!!#), but can be very powerful when used to filter email. Regular expressions are used to recognize patterns within emails.
 How can I filter any emails that have a blank subject line?
 You would use: The Subject field "does not contain RegExpr", and then place a full stop . in the next box. Remember, the full stop . means any character, so we are making a rule that the subject line
 How can I filter out words in certain parts of sentences?
 Using a regular expression you can do this, for example : ^buy matches "buy" only if it's at the beginning of a sentence. buy$ matches "buy" only if it's at the end of a line. ^buy$ matches "buy" if it's the only word in the line. Mor
 Can I import existing filters from other programs?
 Probably not. MailWasher Pro has its filters in a text file in the application data directory (which can be located by selecting About in the Help menu and selecting the link). You will probably have to add your own filte
 Why would I use different colors for my filters?
 Filters appear on the Status column and are activated when an email is intercepted which has triggered your filter.
 How does the Precedence feature work?
 People in the Friends List would not normally be subject to filters, but if you have set up a filter to specifically catch a particular virus, then you can set the filter to take precedence (or identify the virus) over anyone in your Friends List.
 How can I make a regular expression filter?
 Regular expression filters take a bit of getting used to, but here is a basic outline and some more common examples below that you may like to use yourself.
 Why do I get this error in Vista - 'Could not save filters' Access is denied (EFCreateError)' ?
 If you get this error in Vista - 'Could not save the filters: Cannot create file "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\MailwasherPro\filters.txt. Access is denied (EFCreateError)' then Right click on your MailWasher Pro shortcut > with the left mouse b
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