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17 Oct 2017
 How do I check Benign� is processing my email?
Solution From the Benign menu, select Tools > Summary and the Message log tab. If you have set up Benign correctly, then every email processed by Benign is in this log.

If the Message log is empty, then Benign is not set up correctly and has not processed any of your mail.

Check the following to ensure Benign is installed properly:

1. From the Benign menu, select Tools > Options then the Accounts tab. Ensure that all of your different POP3 server settings are listed.

2. Check the Account Properties in your email program, make sure .b9 has been added to the end of the POP3 server setting.

3. In your firewall, make sure it allows Benign access to the Internet. Also, in order to download messages, Benign has to be running, otherwise you will get error messages due to the changed POP3 server settings in your email program.

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