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17 Oct 2017
 Error - EldreadLnMxLineLengthExceeded
Solution The error message is returned by a third party library that we use called Indy, that handles Benign's connections to the POP server.

This error only occurs with certain incorrectly formatted email (which is most likely to be spam) on some servers that do not automatically handle and correct the problem themselves.

The particular emails have been sent via some process (like a badly written bulk-mailer) that does not conform to RFC standards of line termination and length. Instead of the correct line terminators of a "CR" followed by a "LF" character, these emails had only the "CR" - which does not constitute a legitimate line break. Because the line terminators are incorrect, the mail server returns the entire email in one line. The maximum line length allowed by Internet Standard Specifications is approximately 1000 characters. Indy and therefore Benign, can handle line lengths of up to 16 000 characters, which is well in excess for correctly formatted email.

The example we found that caused this error had a line length of over 30 000 characters. It was a spam email and it is unlikely that any legitimate email would have been sent in a way that would cause such formatting.

Since we have become aware of the problem, the next version of Benign will split any line over a certain length to prevent this error. It may cause some minor change in the display of the email, but since it is the email message that is breaking standards, there is no "standard" way to deal with it. It is unlikely that anyone will notice though, since only unsolicited email is prone to this sort of problem.

If you find that the mail does not download to your mail program, then download the mail without Benign.
To do this you will have to manually remove .b9 from your mail programs incoming (POP3) server name, then download the mail and then re-add .b9 to the end of your mail programs incoming (POP3) server name.

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