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17 Oct 2017
 How do I enter an address into the Blacklist?
Solution There are several ways to enter an address to the Blacklist:

  1. Tools > Spam Tools > My Blacklist > Add and you can either enter a whole address or use a wildcard to enter anyone, say for example, all email from the same domain which is a source for junk mail. eg. * would catch anyone from and ???? would catch anyone with a four letter Spammer email address.

  2. You can add another column to the preview panel which is labeled Blacklist. To do this, select Tools > Options then the Display tab. Select the Blacklist checkbox in the Columns area and click OK. This makes it easy to select junk emailers as they send you email.

For more information about the Blacklist, see Managing the Blacklist in the MailWasher Pro help

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