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17 Oct 2017
 The session was intentionally closed by the server before the session was completed.

  1. MailWasher Pro was written to comply with POP3 standards and if for some reason the server you are dialling into has an error, or is not fully compliant (it's more common than you think), then MailWasher Pro does nothing and the server disconnects. It could also just be a temporary communication problem causing the server to disconnect from MailWasher Pro.

  2. You should be using your POP3 settings given by your Internet Service Provider to dial in to the server, not a proxy such as, pop.nortons.antivirus or localhost.

  3. There is a bug in Norton Internet Security and Nortons Antivirus 2002, so users should disable the incoming mail scanning in NAV 2002 to prevent the disconnections, although you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
    Upgrading to NAV 2004, or switching AV applications, would also resolve this issue.

  4. You may also receive this error if using AVG 7. To solve this problem, you must follow these steps:

    • Double click on the AVG icon on the task bar next to the system clock.

    • Double click on Email Scanner.

    • Select Use the personal test configuration and click on Properties.

    • Click on Servers tab.

    • On the Email proxy server list, please double click on POP3:port 10110....Host.

    • Click on Connection, (under Server Type) and under Type of login, select Automatic > Ok > Ok > Ok.

  5. Users of VET and EZ AntiVirus should temporarily disable their email scanner.

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